Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund

DGB – A Strong Workers' Voice

This is who we are – active, competent and committed. We are an umbrella organisation for eight member unions with 5.7 million members in total. A large number of regional, district and municipal associations invite you to get involved; they organize events and offer leisure activities. Our number includes 180.000 works council members and 220.000 staff representatives who pursue matters in support of their colleagues.

Our voice carries weight in companies and political parties; it is heard by compulsory health and pension insurance funds and in employment agencies. We are the experts on labour issues. With boldness, vigour and optimism, we push for fairness and solidarity – at work and in society.

We are proud to be the voice of our affiliates in politics, business and society. The DGB stands outside party politics, but is not politically neutral. We exert pressure on politics and industry in the interests of workers.

We ensure that work and income are distributed fairly and that everyone has the same opportunities. Along with our eight affiliated trade unions we ensure a local presence throughout Germany. With our services, we help to achieve fairer conditions in the workplace. We support workers in asserting their rights, articulating grievances and mobilising others to fight for better working conditions – also out loud, on the streets. Putting workers at the front and centre is our mission.

The DGB has a democratic structure and advocates a further democratisation of the economy, the state and society. We actively oppose all forms of discrimination. We are committed to a united, democratic Europe and strive for controlled disarmament worldwide. The DGB stands up internationally for the right to decent work and cooperates with trade unions all over the world.

Day by day, we are actively contributing to the next page in the history of solidarity, emancipation and workers' participation.


The DGB is a member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and a member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).


Member Unions

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