Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund

That is what we stand for

The German Confederation of Trade Unions strives for a society founded on solidarity. Employment and income have to be distributed fairly and people have to be given an equal chance regardless of origin, colour or gender. The DGB offers future-oriented concepts for a social market economy which is tailored to the changed social conditions of today. Humane modernisation and fair distribution: That is what we stand for.

Welfare state People have to be able to rely on social assistance in the future as well. They need security to be able to plan their lives, raise a family and safeguard the future. Only on this basis will each individual be ready to take on new challenges and take initiative in working life. That is the essential prerequisite for a modern working society.

Pay It is precisely in times of economic uncertainty that collective agreements protect the conditions of employment and payment which many now take for granted. Only strong unions can negotiate binding collective agreements and guarantee their protective, regulatory, forming and peacekeeping function. Hence free collective bargaining is and remains indispensable.

Codetermination The right to codetermination is a central element in any democracy. Through codetermination social responsibility is assumed – which ensures social peace. Codetermination enhances people´s quality of life by creating individual room for manoeuvre. All employees therefore have to be granted the maximum degree of own responsibility and selfdetermination.

Training The dynamic changes in our working environment make it all the more important that every employed person has a wide range of qualifications. Consequently all employees must be given access to further training courses. Thus prepared, each individual can face the challenges of a global, knowledge-intensive labour market with self-assurance.

Labour market Only a sustained recovery of the economic situation can bring about the upswing which is so urgently needed on the German labour market. Hundreds of thousands of jobs can be saved and created by means of a flexible and aggressive budgetary policy. Here the „Offensive for Employment and Economic Growth“ launched by the DGB offers effective solutions in the long term.